Damp proofing treatments, Penryn, Cornwall

If you are seeing signs of damp in your property in the Penryn area then don’t hesitate to contact Fal Damp Proofing, we have been solving damp issues in homes for over 10 years in the Penryn area and throughout Cornwall.

If you are just wiping away damp and black mold this will NOT solve the underlying damp problems, we can survey your property and fix the damp issues.

Once our surveyor has assessed your property for damp problems, we will then send you a detailed damp survey outlining the costs for remedial works. On agreement our damp technicians will carry out the works, to remove the damp problems from your home.

Damp in a home causes damage to your property so needs remedial work as soon as possible to avoid the damp issues causing more problems.

If you have found your dream home already, we also offer pre-purchase damp surveys on homes you intend to buy. These damp reports can save buyers thousands of pounds off the asking price and can help streamline the buying process.

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Penryn damp experts

There are a number of signs that can indicate that you have a damp problem, if so you should seek help from a Penryn professional damp treatment specialist as soon as possible before the damp cause more problems in your home and adds to the cost of repairs.

Wall paper or paint peeling off the walls

Crumbling plaster

Damp and musty smells

Warped floorboards or skirting boards

Rotting wood

Rust on metal

Black mould spots on the walls and around windows

Condensation on windows

Tidemarks the walls at about one metre in height

The floors, walls and ceilings will feel cold and damp to the touch


Damp proofing is preventing any unwanted moisture from penetrating the building and reaching the internal walls of a property. Once in a building, water can make its way through the building to cause damp and mould issues.

Condensation is another cause of damp and this comes from moisture in the air inside your home. Continuous condensation can lead to the growth of moulds and it can damage decorations and furnishings.

Fal Joinery and Damp Proofing are specialists working in Penryn designing and installing damp proofing systems to ensure your home is free from damp. If your walls are affected by rising damp, our specialists may use a chemical damp proofing course to provide a continuous and lasting barrier against water ingress. Condensation and other causes of damp will require different treatments depending on the issues.

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Any property, both old and new, can be affected by damp and high moisture problems.

New properties have excellent insulation, draft proofing and excellent double gazing, these can cause condensation.

Older properties generally suffer more from damp problems as building materials tend to deteriorate over time. Walls can become porous, roofs can start leaking and can lose their effectiveness over time.

Our specialist surveyor will visit your Penryn property to determine the cause of the damp problems in your property. Following our survey, we will be able to advise on the most suitable remedial action.


Penryn damp proofing and treatment services have over 10 years experience in resolving damp issues in homes in and around Penryn and the rest of Cornwall.

Pre-purchase property condition reports

Property and damp surveys

Wet Rot Removal / treatment

Dry Rot Removal / treatment

Damp walls

Rising damp floors and walls

Damp around windows

Penetrating damp treatments

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As Falmouth's damp treatment service we can deal with damp and mould, from rising damp, condensation issues and wet & dry rot. Don't let damp cause more damage.

Home Buyers surveys

We offer tailored and specialist property surveys for your home to cover damp problems, structural integrity, electrical safety, and general home buyer  condition reports.

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